Narinur Reborn

2:10 to Alandriel

the small group returns to town with spoils in hand only to find the normally sleepy village in a bustle of activity.

Segrid pushes through the crowd of people moving barrels and boxes, shifting weapons and unloading items from a caravan

“Ah you are back, Successful I trust? "

He looks over the items and smiles warmly

" we’d originally intended to uses this for something inside aladriel" he shrugged " itr would have been a bit of a long shot but we’ve just gotten word from out friends in Barak-ur that something far more interesting is headed our way" he waves to the Dwarves behind him and the shipments which had just arrived

“A train… a train carrying something very .. very valuable


JoshEversole JoshEversole

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