Narinur Reborn

Inside the Black Spire

You all Awaken in Cells within a pitch dark Room. Each of you is in a separate room. the walls are made of a slick cold, oily substance. the front of the room is made of interlacing bars of Cold Iron.

Each Cells door requires a lock check of 32 to unlock.
Each Door is trapped with an electrical shock if the door is opened without first disengaging it.
26 to see 28 to Undo. Failure by a margin larger than 10 will set the trap off instead no
reflex save

Once you are all out you will be without arms armor and components. ( You were left Naked in your cells )

There is a pale one guarding the exit but he seems to be sleeping.. something you’d never seen them do before.

Killing or getting by him you will find a small room near by with gear but it is not yours.. looks like it is Judge attire
Weapons to choose from. Rapiers, bastard swords, daggers
Armor – Light Judge garb ( AR + 6 Max dex 4 Spellfail 15%)
Heavy Judge Armor ( Ar 8 Max dex 2 Spellfail 50%)
Judge Masks ( dont put these on )

Long hallway awaits you – 3 Traps, Spike pit (ref 18), Poison Darts (Fort 18 or Con 1d4 Poison), the third tripped the moment you entered unless a check was made before entering the hall. the air has slowly been thinning and by this time everyone is gaspign for breath. there is roughly 800 feet of hallway left. Fort save. fail means only half actions, fail by 10 means unconscious.

Upon exiting the Corridor you arrive in a large round room. In the room there are 3 doors and a 4 mirrors. Approaching the mirror you will see a reflection of you but missing one eye and one hand. " Kill your friends.Join him. Praise him" Roll a will Save 20. Fail and you will try to kill your friends. will save every round to shake off. if you succeed by 10 your vision fills with the grainy patter on stone, your cheek feels sore and dirty. then you are back.. but your cheek has dirt on it.

If you all succeed against the images they step through and fight you. ( they have all the items you currently have )

The doors out of the room are locked and trapped with Pits infront of them.
The left door leads to a room full of gold and magical items.

The door to the right leads to a room with beds and food

the middle door leads to a long hallway.

If you take the middle door you enter into another large room. this one with tables of delicious food. willsave 22 (if you succeed by 5 you get a vision again) to not consume. if you do you take 1d6 con damage and are sickened. the food is actually rotted the torches go out. there are two doors.

Left door leads to a room with beds and food

Right door leads to a long hallway.

If you take right door you end up in another large room. The floor of this room is a criss crossing patter of symbols which light up in a pattern rapidly across the room. stepping anywhere but on one of the symbols which was lit gets you shocked by lightning. 5d6
3 remember checks of 17 to keep an eye. someone who has already down a part can help someone else. reducing their remember check by 2. rolling a nat 20 makes you keenly aware your face hurts.

on the other side of the room there is a door.

When anyone realizes this isnt real their player bursts into flame and falls dead before everyone else. ( actually awake no in their real cell )

once everyone wakes up you are in a cage hanging above a caustic pool of acid within the black spire. You can see a jutting walkways criscrossing higher and higher and robbed figures walking back and forth. they will be rolling perception checks skill 10 ( 24 ) to notice you are all awake.. when one does he will attempt to alert everyone by blowing a horn.

dc 30 to pick the lock and escape. climb check to get up to the chains. there are cultists who will try and stop you using poison daggers meant to put you back into the dream (20 will to negate or 20 will save within the dream to escape again)
hp20 ac18
Attack 13 1d4+2 + poison

Climbing higher there will be a huge pale one to fight
300 hp dr 15
AC 23
F 10
R 5
W –
Claw X2 15 2d8+10

Moving higher into the spire you will find a massive room, pipes running up to strange engines and cords pumping into a vecna resting in a throne. Any action will be seen by him and he will stop it. the moment he comes in contact with one of you your amulets will begin to glow and summon Corin who will engage telling you to cut the remaining ties to the lay lines to weaken him.

The final fight has begun
Corin will fight while you attempt to destory the connections to the working lay siphons. there are 3 left working. You will be attacked by cultists while this is going on and eventually Judge Taladrin. use Judge Maldrin but with some added umph

When the final one is destory you will see vecna was still putting Corin on the ropes and mortally wounds him, he turns to you looking a little worse for ware
“you broke my siphons…. you’ve disturbed my work but not matter… He cant protect you now… and after I kill you I can take what little power he gave you… should be just enough to let me drain Corin. All is still going as planned.”

HP 600. DR 20/good
AC30 Reduces to 25 halfway through the fight


seige of barak ur

break through the great wall. discuss with heronious how to break through the wall

you wil be protected on your way to the castle

castl door locked. 5 elite gaurds out front

4 levels. traps and lots of gaurds

each level ends with a mini boss

level 1 gaurd captain

level 2 Monster pale one

Level 3 secruity door with guns

level 4 high judge malrdin

HP 350 Dr 20
Ar 25
Ref 12
Fort 10
Will 9

Magic pool 0/15

Abilities : Immune to magic ( spells cast at him are absorbed and give him spell points )
50% Chance for magical weapons to do no damage

Drag – 2 points (pulls to him can make one additional attack fort 23 negates) Drain magic – 0 points ( touch attack on weapons and people with magic 2d6) Drains hitpoints from magic users Drain Life – 4 Points ( touch attack on anyone, fort save 1/2 3d10) gains back 2 Points on success gains damage rest as health Bolt of Force – 2 pts 5d8 +knockdown Fort 23 negates Knockdown – 2pts Dex 22 Negates Flame wall – 4 pts 5ft wide but 15 tall. 3d6 for crossing Rust – 4 pts ( On touch ) Subdue 3 pts ( will 23 or frozen for one round ) Warpath 2 points – May move and make a full round attack next turn. attacks ar made at an additional plus two. his attacks also do an additional 2d6 15 to all relevant skills cmb 15 cmd 30 Bastard Sword 17/10/6 1d10+5 Judged Kenning May cast one magical ability in addition to his standard actions if he can make a full round attack Items Bastard sword of the Unholy Chosen 1d10 18-20 x2 Unholy – 2d6 against good aligned Chosen – Roll 2D20 take the highest when attacking (if someone tries to use this weapon they will hear the call of Vecna to put on the mask. will save 25. If they do put the mask on they become Judge Maldrin. ) 3 Greater Healing Potions 3d8+10 Judge Armor Judge Mask 3 Calling coins which allow the user to speak directly to Vecna 3 amulets which when shatter grant the judge 5 points these amulets would grant a caster 1 spell slot of their choice up to 5th level

Sometime during the fight they hear a distant explosion. Ralph can sense the lay line moving

After A short respite from the battle you hear a commotion from outside and herionous opens the door explaining it is time to leave. He takes up the rear and follows you out, laying a hand on everyone’s shoulder at they pass, returning them to full strength as if they had slept ( Unless someone died ). when you are almost out the hallway you are in Darkens and you hear a gurgling grunt behind you only to turn and see the hallway is dark because herionous is no longer glowing an a decrepit decaying hand is sticking through his chest. he is absorbed into the hand and vecna launches at you A visage of vecna.
“You will not jeopardize my ascension!”
He will attempt to grapple each of you , CMB 25 If grapples roll a fort save 25. If you success you are hurled into the ceiling or walls. if you fail you vanish with a scream. and a flash of Gold light.. vecna dissipates and reforms after this first attack
" not what was planned but He cant save you completely"
He will continue this until all party members are taken

Another Way/ the three legged Journey

With the box missing the Narian knights have no way of confirming their suspisions about the Enclave and of the potential return of Vecna. The party is sent to Saltheniel, a long journey which will take them through the edges of the wanderlust, up to the blue diamond and then through the blessing of Istus to Saltheniel where they will meet Thadag the Leader of Saltheniel’s Narian Knights

The Pale ones

Upon reaching crossward many of the Stillwater Narian knights went their own ways. Those who stayed are meeting the the courier to get directions to the nearest town with a high ranking member of the Knights

The party was requested to search for a supply caravan that had not yet made it to Crossward while they waited for the courier which was carrying something important. what they uncovered was a horribly bloody scene and a destroyed caravan.

the party followed the trail only to stumble upon pale ones, strange beings which were said tp appear 150 years ago and haven’t been seen almost 100 years. these creatures were guarding the box but the group sneaked in and removed in from their clutches

Now the box has gone missing and the truth of the box was revealed It may have contained the Eye of Vecna, the story the Narian Knights had uncovered was revealed to the party and why it is so important this box is found

2:10 to Alandriel

the small group returns to town with spoils in hand only to find the normally sleepy village in a bustle of activity.

Segrid pushes through the crowd of people moving barrels and boxes, shifting weapons and unloading items from a caravan

“Ah you are back, Successful I trust? "

He looks over the items and smiles warmly

" we’d originally intended to uses this for something inside aladriel" he shrugged " itr would have been a bit of a long shot but we’ve just gotten word from out friends in Barak-ur that something far more interesting is headed our way" he waves to the Dwarves behind him and the shipments which had just arrived

“A train… a train carrying something very .. very valuable

A simple Request

Segrid (half-elf) : Leader of the Stillriver branch of the Narian Knights has Something up his sleeve but first he needs something, 100 Lbs of black powder

There is a small mining village named Keystone a few days journey by way of Crossward which may have what you are looking for. And do hurry

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