Narinur Reborn

Another Way/ the three legged Journey

With the box missing the Narian knights have no way of confirming their suspisions about the Enclave and of the potential return of Vecna. The party is sent to Saltheniel, a long journey which will take them through the edges of the wanderlust, up to the blue diamond and then through the blessing of Istus to Saltheniel where they will meet Thadag the Leader of Saltheniel’s Narian Knights

The Pale ones

Upon reaching crossward many of the Stillwater Narian knights went their own ways. Those who stayed are meeting the the courier to get directions to the nearest town with a high ranking member of the Knights

The party was requested to search for a supply caravan that had not yet made it to Crossward while they waited for the courier which was carrying something important. what they uncovered was a horribly bloody scene and a destroyed caravan.

the party followed the trail only to stumble upon pale ones, strange beings which were said tp appear 150 years ago and haven’t been seen almost 100 years. these creatures were guarding the box but the group sneaked in and removed in from their clutches

Now the box has gone missing and the truth of the box was revealed It may have contained the Eye of Vecna, the story the Narian Knights had uncovered was revealed to the party and why it is so important this box is found

2:10 to Alandriel

the small group returns to town with spoils in hand only to find the normally sleepy village in a bustle of activity.

Segrid pushes through the crowd of people moving barrels and boxes, shifting weapons and unloading items from a caravan

“Ah you are back, Successful I trust? "

He looks over the items and smiles warmly

" we’d originally intended to uses this for something inside aladriel" he shrugged " itr would have been a bit of a long shot but we’ve just gotten word from out friends in Barak-ur that something far more interesting is headed our way" he waves to the Dwarves behind him and the shipments which had just arrived

“A train… a train carrying something very .. very valuable

A simple Request

Segrid (half-elf) : Leader of the Stillriver branch of the Narian Knights has Something up his sleeve but first he needs something, 100 Lbs of black powder

There is a small mining village named Keystone a few days journey by way of Crossward which may have what you are looking for. And do hurry

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